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"The ancient beauty of Xi'an"

Xi'an is one of the oldest cities in the world at 3,100 years old, and is situated in the centre of the Guanzhong plain. The city itself is surrounded by a well preserved wall, and contained within it are some of the most spectacular sights to be seen anywhere in the world. The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda has stood here for over a thousand years, surviving earthquakes, wars and dynastic upheaval, and it's just one of dozens of attractions such as temples, museums, restaurants and theatres. The city is surrounded by some of China's most pristine wilderness; with the Mount Taibai National Park featuring temples and palaces surrounded by alpine forests and majestic plains, it's the perfect place for hiking and allows you to see the 'real' China of antiquity. The views from Taibai's summit are simply breathtaking.

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Xian Century Landscape Hotel The Hotel allows for easy access to Xian's popular tourist attractions.

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