Compare Cheap Flights to Ahmedabad

Cheap Flights to Ahmedabad

Cheap Flights to Ahmedabad

"The Manchester of India"

There is a certain romance associated with India that makes travelling there something of a great adventure. While cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Goa are the first choice for many, there are less well known but equally resplendent choices available. One such example is Ahmedabad.

While less well known than some, Ahmedabad is India's fifth largest city and ranks third in the list of the fastest growing cities. Its importance is headlined by being the judicial capital of the Gujarat region.

For the cosmopolitan traveller, Ahmedabad proves a worthy stamp in the passport as its close to 6 million inhabitants is comprised of a mix of religions, histories and backgrounds. It has a chequered history dating from early medieval settlements, through the dynastic period and surviving the rule of the British Empire, thus creating the romance so many Indian travellers seek.

For those with a taste for culture the city boasts many festivals throughout the year, extolling the many facets of its diverse culture; for epicureans, rich and flavourful dishes crown every menu to tease the tastebuds.

Nestled on the banks of the Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is a rising city offering a warm welcome to its many visitors.


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