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Cheap Flights to Athens

cheapest flight tickets to athens

Visitors to Athens have many different activities to choose from. There are beautiful beaches to swim at, high end retail stores, laid back parks, and more than enough ancient ruins to keep your days filled.  Once you've compare and booked your flight tickets to Athens, try checking out some of the following attractions.


One of the most visited ruins in Athens, the Parthenon should be on every history buffs list of things to see. Construction began in 447 BC, and continued for the next 15 years. Originally dedicated to the goddess Athena the building was used to house not only the Athenian treasury, but also a giant statue of Athena made out of gold and ivory. In more recent years the Parthenon was used as a Christian church, a Mosque, and finally, in 1687, as an ammunition depot by the Ottomans which, unfortunately, was the cause of its demise after being blown up by Venetians.

National Archeological Museum

Another must see for history fans, this museum is considered by many to be the best museum in the world. The building, built in the neo-classical tradition, is itself a marvel. What's inside though is considered to be the best collection of Greek antiquities in the world. There are artifacts dating from the prehistoric era, a sculpture collection, artifacts from the near east and Egypt, as well as paintings, a vase collection, and a metallurgy display. This is definitely an attraction that is going to take up a full day.


While this is an industrial museum during the day it's at night that the real action starts. Its post-modern design comes alive in the evenings with parties, concerts, and DJ-driven techno nights. Young Athenians come here to meet, drink, and dance the night away. This is a great spot to get out and enjoy the Athens nightlife


This neighborhood in Athens houses many cool little shops, restaurants, and bars, and is perfect for anyone who wants to walk around and do a little sightseeing. You can find anything here from designer clothing, to souvenirs, and from high end restaurants, to little “hole on the wall” pubs. This area gets pretty busy on the weekends, and space is at a premium inside the little establishments, so get to your favorite spot early if you want a seat.

National Gardens

This is the spot if you want a little time to relax and get back to nature. With 38 acres, duck ponds, a zoo, and a botanical museum this is a nice little spot for a picnic and a little relaxation with a loved one.

There are about 1001 other activities waiting for you here in Athens, so compare and book those cheap flights now and start planning that holiday.


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