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Cheap Flights to Baghdad

Cheap Flights to Baghdad

"The Round City"

The major cultural centre of ancient Mesopotamia (sometimes described as 'the cradle of civilisation'), Baghdad is now capital of modern Iraq. Probably the biggest city in the world in the 8th century, it was conceived as an urban paradise on the banks of the Tigris. Designed in a beautiful traditional Persian-style around a Caliph's central palace, its two concentric circles of streets inside a circular, moated city wall starkly distinguished it from typical square-based European walled cities. You can still visit the evocative city mound and see the striking layout of this jewel-like ancient construction.

Redolent of a history characterised by clashing cultures, dramatic swings between prosperity and devastation and a continuing struggle towards democratic autonomy, modern Baghdad, which spans the majestic Tigris, is an inspiring testament to humanity's determination to elevate the spirit through scholarship and artistic expression. Those who choose to visit will find plenty to stimulate the inquiring mind. With five modern universities and a burgeoning independent theatre scene among the museums, ancient sites, buzzing souks, mosques and churches, there is plenty to ponder here, but modern visitors are most often impressed by the gracious warmth and enthusiastic hospitality of the people of Baghdad.



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