Compare Cheap Flights to Banjul

Cheap Flights to Banjul

Cheap Flights to Banjul

The Gambia is fast winning a reputation as a hidden gem among holidaymakers in the know. Formerly known as Bathurst, Banjul is the West African country's coastal capital city, and boasts a clutch of top quality beachside hotel resorts, at extremely affordable prices.

While it may be tempting to spend all your time on Banjul's secluded and sandy beaches, there is much more to see and do outside of the resorts.

It is worth paying a visit to the city's Gambian National Museum, and the African Heritage Museum, to learn more about the history of this small piece of land.

Pick up a bargain at the Albert Market, where local craftsmen sell traditional West African clothing, carvings, paintings and leathers, plus just about everything else you can think of.

Adventurers can take advantage of Banjul's great transport links and use the city as a jumping off point en route to Barra (by ferry), Dakar and Bissau (via the Trans-West African Coastal Highway).


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