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Just south of Zanzibar on the east coast of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam is one of Africa's most exciting and rapidly growing cities.

Many tourists visit 'Dar' en route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (550km north of the city), or to go on safari at the Mikumi National Park (200km west of the city). However, there is also plenty to do and see in Dar Es Salaam itself.

The National Museum of Tanzania is a must-visit, as it features the 1.75 million year-old bones of the 'Nutcracker Man' – one of the earliest examples of our human ancestors to be found on this planet.

The Village Museum offers some insight into traditional Tanzanian life, with examples of traditional huts and information on the different ethnic tribes of the area.

Amid all this history, the city centre itself is a monument to modern-day Africa. Skyscrapers and heavy traffic will colour your view of the city by day, while music and dancing pours out from the city's bars, restaurants and clubs in the evenings.


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