Compare Cheap Flights to Funchal

Cheap Flights to Funchal

Cheap Flights to Funchal

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Although Funchal is well-known for its cake and sweet wine (and it is good cake and sweet wine at that), holidays to the capital of Madeira in Portugal have much more to offer. The natural beauty of the area is unbeatable, with stunning rocky hills, dazzling sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Those looking for robust cultural offerings won't be disappointed, as Funchal has botanical gardens of unparalleled beauty, and art galleries and museums to make New York blush.

The older parts of the city are steeped in fascinating history, with a town hall built in the 18th century and a cathedral that is from the 1400s. But if history isn't quite your thing, there are still countless modern shopping malls, small boutiques and charming flea markets to explore.

As a natural harbour, the cuisine in Funchal tends to focus around seafood, and you won't have experienced fresher fish anywhere in the world. Although there aren't that many night clubs for those who like to stay up all night (it's more of a laid back place), there are a smattering of trendy bars, cafés and pubs that should scratch that itch just fine.


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