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Cheap Flights to Rhodes

Cheap Flights to Rhodes

"The Island of the Knights"

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is also the most popular amongst travellers and those who live in Greece. The city of the same name, which sits at the north of the island, is one of the world's best preserved medieval cities - for this reason it has become a favourite tourist attraction for those with an appreciation for historical sites.

The coastlines to the north and the east have skylines that are dominated by high rise hotels and guest houses, but hidden away in the south are small villages and towns - you'd be hard pressed to find any areas of the island that are more picturesque.

The 50-mile long island has the 'real' Greek experience when you travel away from the coastlines, with authentic food, drink and people to be found in the hilly centre regions of Rhodes. But if you are just looking for a relaxing resort holiday, you can't go wrong here either, with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters welcoming you to take a dip and then relax on your beach towel with a good book. When you're done soaking up the rays, Rhodes has internationally renown restaurants, tavernas, bars and even a smattering of night clubs.


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