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Cheap Flights to Shenzhen

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The dramatic rise in population of Shenzhen makes its history an interesting one to discover. A little over thirty years ago the city, which is now China's tenth most populated housing over 10 million people, had much humbler origins.

Up until the 1980s, Shenzhen had spent centuries as little more than a fishing and farming village with a tiny population. Then in 1980, the city was declared a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The SEZs are government-led initiatives that give certain areas flexibility with a more laissez-faire approach to economics. The result is a city that has blossomed at an astronomical rate.

Now Shenzhen, as well as being a thriving business hub for China, offers many tourist attractions. These include the Chinese Folk Culture Village, the stunning Xianhu Lake Botanical Gardens and dozens of public parks.

The city receives summer highs of between 26 and 32 degrees celsius with temperatures dropping to between fourteen and twenty-two in the winter months.

For a holiday outside of regular Chinese hotspots like Beijing or Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a great alternative if you want something different.


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