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"The Floating City"

Sometimes described as the eighth wonder of the world, a city where the tarmac is replaced with water and cars replaced with boats and Gondolas. Made up of 118 islands joined together with small bridges renowned for its architecture and art, a world heritage site and historians dream destination the romance of Venice will stay with you forever after even the briefest trip to this mystical city.

Venice's position in northern Italy made it a gateway for traders into Europe from the Far East and Asia flushing the city with wealth, the traders of the day competed with each other to build grand and opulent palaces many of which are today converted into boutique hotels allowing the modern day traveller to experience the real beauty of the city from inside and out. Besides the numerous palaces, there are plenty of churches and basilicas for sightseers to marvel at and lively piazzas where restaurants tempt you in with delicious smells wafting through the air.

Art and culture have always been at the forefront of Venetian life and even today many world class exhibitions and festivals draw millions of visitors each year. The Carnival of Venice is held each year just before the Christian celebration of Lent, revellers don elaborate masks and dance in the town squares if you are considering visiting over this period you will need to book very early as space is limited and this time of year is immensely popular.

The word Lido originates in Venice and just across from the main city is the area known as "Lido de Venezia" a seven-mile stretch of sand with a number of beach front hotels set on their own private beach, there are two very large public beaches either end of the island which is very popular during the summer months, the Venice film festival is held each year on the Lido

There are two airports that service the city Marco Polo and Treviso, both have frequent shuttle services into the historical city centre where you can then travel around by Vaporetti the public ferry services, however, a comfortable pair of shoes is really the best way to get around.


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