About Us

Who is compareandfly.com? And what is different about the site compared to the hundreds of other travel comparison sites?

compareandfly.com is a travel comparison site born out of the frustration of finding hundreds and thousands of fares across the many other comparison sites that simply do not exist.

Ever had that feeling of chasing your tail? Most of us have been there, you see an amazing fare after tapping in your dates and destination only to click through and be hit with an enormous booking fee or a pop up that says "only available to book via the telephone", then once you call the agent low and behold that fare is sold out.

compareandfly.com is different in this respect as we only take feeds direct from live websites – what you see is really what you get! Click on the fare and you will be re-directed straight to the website, where you can continue to book on-line.

Once you initiate a search the results you get are direct real time availability straight from the respective airline or agent. You will not be redirected to another search facility or page requesting you to call.

Booking a flight on-line is so simple in this day and age, yes we agree a travel agent's knowledge is required in certain circumstances but with most airlines and agents now offering cheap fares bookable on-line direct to the public it's really just a case of finding the right airline at the right time for the right price, and that is what we have set out to achieve.

So whether it's Bangkok or Bali, LA or Chicago our search facility will direct you to the right carrier at the right price.

Happy Comparing.