3 Amazing Attractions of Poland

Poland is a wonderful and exciting place to visit and so if you are searching for a country to travel to during the holidays this year, then why not consider going to Poland.

Here we look at three amazing attractions that makes Poland a travel hub of Europe.


Located on the Baltic Sea coastline in the northern Pomerania Province of Poland, Gdansk is also part of the Tricity conurbation which includes Gdynia and Sopot. Whilst Sopot is well known for it's seaside hotels and Gdynia for its busy port, Gdansk on the other hand has already been well known among visitors for its polish/German historical and magnificent structural design.

The older city of Gdansk attracts about the same amount of travelers that frequently visit the widely used destinations of Warsaw and Krakow. Nevertheless, it’s not all about past history. Gdansk’s economy is so vibrant and the majority of its population are young people. This really is a result of its robust educational reputation as well as graduates choosing to stay behind despite completing their schooling.


Whilst business is very strong in the town, Gdansk is likewise home to key companies in the telecoms, petrochemicals and electronics industries. The city is the first point of call for many UK companies opting to kick off an arm of their business in East European country.


Wroclaw is situated upon the Odra River and also the capital city of Lower Silesia. Its several Islands as well as bridges has made it a great tourist choice, even earning the name 'Venice of Poland'.

Similar to Gdansk, Wroclaw’s historical background dates back to over thousand years - during that time it was acquired by four different countries, also its name was changed on five occasions and went through considerable changes in culture. Krakow in recent times is referred to as the new Prague, a lot of people now think it is on the way of becoming the new Krakow.


Due to it been a university city, it has a youthful and lively nightlife as well as cultural scene. With lots of bars, hotels, restaurant, it has just about everything a tourist may need.


With several airlines now offering cheap flights to Katowice, this town located in Silesia has witnessed gradual increase in tourism. While some tourists normally use the airport as a transit to other locations, People who remain for some time to explore the city, find out that the city has a lot more to offer. Even though the town may not have the same cultural pleasures like the cities of Wroclaw and Gdansk, it can boast of being home to the best parks, gardens, and the Wyspianski theatre in Poland. The Silesian Culture and Refreshment Park is more pleasurable throughout hotter months.

Katowice additionally is famous for its live music, with travellers able to capture a lot of performances in under-ground night clubs or even the Cogitatur, Katowice’s premier live concert location.


So should you be looking to have a different holiday this year, Katowice, Wroclaw and Gdansk could possibly be exactly what you need. There are several cheap flights to Poland.

Ryanair and Wizzair offer flights from London to Wroclaw, Katowice and Gdansk

So come and experience the beauty of Poland.