Here or There? 3 Reasons Why You’ll Take the Best Photos in Brazil

Brazil. There's no denying that our latest destination of the month has many things to offer and, if visiting it is not on your bucket list, it certainly should be! From its delightful food and drinks (the famous caipirinha comes to mind) to the strikingly beautiful scenery that characterizes this charming country, you won't lack for things to do.


Impress everyone with beautiful photographs of a country that keeps on giving and that feels like stepping into paradise itself. So, why will you take some of the best photographs you've ever taken in your life in this marvelous country compared to others?

#1: You Have to See the Beaches to Believe Them

Few places in the world are as beautiful as the many Brazilian beaches that adorn the coast of the country. For example, Morro de São Paulo, in Bahia, is truly a unique experience you don't want to miss out on. Sure, Rio de Janeiro is an unmissable stop when you visit Brazil, but the island village of Morro de São Paulo is a tropical paradise you won't soon forget.

Cars are not allowed here, so you can only travel by foot or by bicycle, which provides a relaxing environment for locals and tourists alike. You'll fall in love with (and won't be able to stop yourself from taking pictures of) the jungle-topped hills, the sandy lanes, and the calm blue waters.

This wonderful village might take you far from home, but that's the idea, as it's unlikely you'll find landscapes like these anywhere else.


#2: Visit One of the World's Largest Waterfalls

Waterfalls abound in many different countries, like Iceland, for example, so what makes Brazil so special? Well, the widest waterfall in maybe all the world, Iguaçu Falls, is here, and it touches three different countries: Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The first person to record the existence of these magnificent falls was ÁlvarNúñezCabeza de Vaca in 1541 and since then they've become famous around the world.

We're sure that you're going to marvel at the sheer size of this waterfall in Paraná, on a city called Foz do Iguaçu. You'll enjoy a subtropical climate when you visit, as well as a dramatic landscape, of course, with 275 individual falls and a length of 2.7km awaiting your viewfinder. Its height varies between 60m and 82m, so the challenge is to get it all in one frame!


#3: Leave the City, Be One with Nature

The Anavilhanas National Park was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2000 and encompasses a river archipelago in the Rio Negro in the state of Amazonas. In the UK, you have the stunningly beautiful Lake District, which everyone should visit at least once; however, it's a little difficult not to compare it to this national park and its staggering number of islands and not feel wonder!

Around 400 islands form 60% of the park and are a natural maze. They're also one of the world's most beautiful landscapes – certainly one of the most photogenic! The goal behind this 130km-long park is to protect the local fauna and flora through sustainable tourism and environmental education. You can also visit a location called Dolphin Float (Flutuante dos Botos), where pink river dolphins live, and swim with them.


These landscapes and more make Brazil so different from other countries and are the perfect place to photograph some of the world's most gorgeous places – and impress your Instagram followers! Comparing it to the UK, it's clear that Brazil has the upper hand when it comes to sun-kissed beaches, tropical forests, and warm waters you can swim in.

Travel to Brazil and many other countries around the world and enjoy vibrant and exciting locations that are waiting for you and your camera!