4 Seriously Unusual Places to Visit for Geeks

The world is full of unusual places and sites of special interest that many of us will only ever dream about visiting.

For holidaymakers who don't want to spend their fortnight away lying on a beach but would like a total change of scenery, here are 4 seriously unusual places to seek out for geeks all over the world who want to travel to a destination with a difference.

Chile - The Hand in the Desert

To be found in the heartland of Chile's Atacama desert 46 miles away from the noble city of Antofagasta, there's a sculpture unlike any other. Native sculptor Mario Irarrázabal has created an unusual and breathtaking work of art that will delight and surprise. It's a huge hand that rises out from the sand and it's location and surroundings make it all the more poignant. Irarrzabal wanted to make a point about loneliness and isolation and his edifice is both beautiful and captivating.

Paris - Catacombs

Not for the faint of heart, this destination is a maze of tunnels throughout the city of Paris that has become the final resting place of around 6 million French citizens from the 18th century onwards. No one knows who the bones belong to as the remains were taken from mass overcrowded graves, but it certainly brings credence to the phrase "the walking dead".


© Paris catacombs by dalecruse licensed under © Creative commons 4

Utah - Goblin Valley State Park

Way out in Utah stands the Goblin Valley State Park an uninhabited area that is marked by soft sandstone. Many years of erosion has turned what on paper sounds like your run of the mill park into a magical, mythical place to visit, with boulders and rocky outcroppings that have turned themselves into geological wonders that wouldn't look out of place in a fantasy film. It must be seen to be believed.

California - Glass Beach

Can rubbish dumping be beautiful? The answer is a resounding 'yes' if this beauty spot in California is anything to go by. Up until the 1960s, this destination was sadly used as a place for people to leave their unwanted rubbish and electrical goods. In the intervening 50 years, the sea has eroded everything into the most beautiful glass stones and pebbles. Visitors flock from all over the world to look at this strange phenomenon.

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