5 Destinations Returning to Tourism

Peace on Earth is the phrase often banded around during the Christmas period and unfortunately although many of us dream of this, it is far from achievable, however our planet and mankind are very resilient and as one destination is lost to disaster or conflict another emerges from the ashes like a rising phoenix from the flames, here are a few destinations in no particular order that have put their troubled past behind them and are worthy of a visit in 2016, take advantage of these emerging markets while you can and book cheap flights and hotels and get exceptional value for money.


El Salvador

Costa Rica and the Caribbean islands have always been a massive draw for tourism, however El Salvador has largely been overlooked due to civil unrest in its past, that has now been resolved and the tourism industry is on the rise. With its Mayan ruins, deserted beaches, colonial towns and volcanic landscapes El Salvador has everything to offer the central American explorer, add that to a very low cost of living and it makes for a perfect getaway.



Having been caught up in the Yugoslavian conflict, Albania gained itself a poor reputation as a holiday destination, with nearby Greece and Croatia drawing most of the tourist trade in recent decades, however this is all about to change. Albania has a number of UNESCO heritage sites to explore breathtaking mountain lakes to discover and pristine beaches to bask on, coupled with a very inexpensive cost of living this is a great value European destination to discover in 2016.



Haiti is emerging back on the tourist trail after recovering from its recent disaster and although has a reputation as a dangerous destination, it is no more dangerous than neighboring Jamaica or Dominican Republic. This French gem in the Caribbean has a whole history that takes you back to the days of slavery through revolution and into the first independent black republic, with its Versailles like citadel that has recently been renovated and awarded UNESCO world heritage status there are plenty of reasons for culture vultures to visit. The southern town of Jacmel is host to the islands annual carnival where half of the country descends upon it for a weekend of dancing and partying.



Although Cuba has had a fair amount of tourism over the last few decades' things are really about to look up for this, the largest island in the Caribbean. As American - Cuban relationships are re-established so will the tourism industry step up to cater for the mass of Americans ready to pounce on the island, new hotels bars and restaurants are already emerging to attract tourists and with the addition of extra flights to Cuba so will then the prices become more competitive. The iconic old American cars and fat Cuban cigars await you at this colorful Latin American Caribbean melting pot.



Japan's 2011 earthquake devastated this part of the country and only now is it limping back on to the tourist trail, with its stunning landscapes, ski slopes, national parks and countless temples dotted around the mountains Tohoku is a destination of both charm and beauty, the traditional festivals and parades make this a Japanese holiday destination with extreme bouncebackability.