5 Great Reasons to Visit Florida other than Walt Disney Wor

1. The Florida Keys

Stretching south towards Cuba and joined together by a number of bridges, one of which "The Seven Mile Bridge" was the longest bridge of its kind at the time of construction. The Florida Keys offer a taste of Cuba and the Caribbean on mainland USA. A number of waterside hotels and lodges with boating marinas are dotted along the coral islands where an abundance of diving excursions and fishing trips are on offer for the sea loving tourist.

2. Fabulous Beaches

Miami Beach and Clearwater are probably the most famous of Florida beaches however, the whole peninsula is rimmed with sandy beaches, Daytona Beach is an amazing sight to behold with over 23 miles of hard packed sand and because of this is famous for its racing and speed records there is also some great nightlife spots along the beach. If it's parties however you are looking for then consider Panama Beach which is mostly famous for its "Spring Break" parties that sometimes get a bit wild.


3. The Everglades National Park

You may think there is nothing to see in an alligator infested swamp but actually there is quite a lot of fun to be had amongst the mangroves. Take an exhilarating ride on one of the everglades iconic fan boats feed the gators and learn about the complex ecosystem and for the adventurous foodie you can even have a 'gator lunch.


4. Cape Canaveral

For the budding spacemen and women, a trip to Cape Canaveral is a must, get up close and personal with this world famous rocket launch site, visit the Kennedy Space Centre where you can meet an astronaut and live the experience of launching into outer space, if you time your trip right you could even experience a live launch.

5 Shopping

Florida has a number of huge shopping centers or malls as they are called over there, even the most experienced shopaholic will be impressed with the size and variety of these outlets, from the usual designer brands at discounted prices to the more boutique outlets, there will be something for all the family some of these malls can take more than a day to explore so make sure you have a game plan and allow plenty of time for getting lost and stopping for a delicious lunch and of course don't forget the credit card.