5 Reasons to Discover Sami Culture in Lapland

It's winter again, and most people are feeling drawn to warmer climes. And this is a real pity because much is to be discovered in the high arctic in the winter months. Be it the aurora borealis (northern lights), dog sledding, igloos, true saunas or yummy Sami cuisine - Lapland will for sure pleasantly surprise you.

Lapland is the uttermost northern region of Scandinavia and the region traditionally inhabited by the Sami people. Those reindeer herders used to have a nomadic tradition and arguably are one of the indigenous populations of Europe. However, their lifestyle is endangered by modern society.

Also: nowadays, Lapland stretches across Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian territory.

Here are the 5 reasons why Lapland is a place you should absolutely go visit:

1. Chase the northern lights with the Snow Mobile Northern Lights Chase


Who isn't dreaming of driving a snowmobile into remote areas? With the Snow Mobile Northern Lights Chase from Ylläs or Levi, Finland, you can do exactly that! In this safari, a guide will lead you to the heart of Lapland, where you'll stay at remote wilderness cottages and be able to savor a true Sami evening meal that was cooked over an open fire. In the night, you can go outside marvel at the stars and the Aurora Borealis.


2. Visit a reindeer herder to learn about their way of life


Lots of reindeer herders are offering trips to their reindeer herds and introductions into Sami lifestyle to tourists. But few have as excellent a rating as Petri Mattus from Inari, Finland. On the Petri Mattus Reindeer Farm, you will usually first meet with Petri at his house and then be pulled the way to his reindeers in a sled. There, he explains the life of his animals and Sami lifestyle. In true Sami fashion, he will also cook coffee over the fire and have it with you over a chat around the fire. Awesomeness is that simple!

3. Go dog sledding


Going to Lapland or any other country in the high arctic without dog sledding is like cheesecake without cheese. Really, this is a must when visiting Lapland! One of the providers of dog sledding is the Giewont Husky Adventures close to Levi, Finland. This husky farm is one of the best-rated on Trip Advisor and run by a couple of professional dog racers. Make yourself ready for a true adventure - and lots of cute puppies!


4. Visit the Siida museum to learn about Sami culture


The Siida is the Sami Museum in Inari, Finland, in which Sami culture and tradition as well as the life in the Arctic is explained. This much-liked museum is highly informative and a Traveller's Choice Winner of 2015. Go experience its exciting exhibitions and see for yourself why!


5. Cross-country skiing in Yllas Ski Resort


What's Scandinavia or Lapland without some real cross-country skiing? The Yllas Ski Resort is the best place in Finland to put on your skis and go cross-country for miles and miles. The Fins usually come here for several days or an entire week and take in the great scenery and coffee (there's a restaurant every few miles) on extended cross-country trips.