5 Stunning Greek Islands you Need to Visit

With over 1000 islands and islets to visit and explore, you'll be forgiven if you're struggling to decide which Greek island to visit next. Boasting endless miles of sandy beaches, turquoise sea, rich culture and tasty traditional cuisine, the Greek islands have it all, but which should you visit on your next vacation?

Cheap flights can be found on most Greek islands. Here we take a look at five stunning Greek islands you need to visit in your lifetime.

1. Santorini

One of the spectacles of the Mediterranean, Santorini is simply stunning. The famous white-domed buildings overlook a sea-filled volcanic crater with breath-taking views. The island is home to some of Greece's most luxurious apartments perfect for romantic getaways. Oia, a village on the cliff top, is an enchanting spot to watch the sunset.


2. Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for its whitewashed buildings and perfect for anyone looking for a good time. With a number of glitzy bars and nightclubs to choose from, there's a party going on around every corner. The island is popular among island hoppers and flight tickets can be purchased for relatively cheap prices.


3. Crete

Flights to Crete are cheap and frequent from most UK airports. The largest Greek island has lots to offer including beautiful beaches, traditional villages, culture and of course amazing food. Visitors are encouraged to discover the island's history which dates back for thousands of years and visit the Palace of Knossos.


Up in the mountains, you'll find traditional hidden villages serving up some of the best food on the island.

4. Kefalonia

Well known for its unspoiled, exotic beaches the island of Kefalonia is incredibly charming. Home to a number of medieval castles, picturesque villages and a gorgeous port there's always something different to see and do. Like most Greek islands the food in Kefalonia is simply out of this world.


5. Amorgos

If it's unspoiled beauty you're looking for, then Amorgos is the island for you. It might be small in size but there are lots to discover in this rocky landscape. The southeast coast is home to an extradentary monastery built into the base of the cliff.


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