Airbus A380 First Class Suites

While the low cost carriers try and cram in as many seats in their aircraft, at the other end of the spectrum first class travel is becoming more spacious and luxurious.

As the orders flood in for the Airbus A380, last week Qatar Airways became the latest carrier to take delivery of the aircraft and Etihad are set to start operating the aircraft in December, here we compare some of the first class options available.

Our A380's Suites

Singapore Airlines were the first carrier to take delivery of the Aircraft back in 2007 the inventors of "The Suite in the sky" offering at the time the largest footprint for a passenger on board a modern commercial aircraft.

Building A380 First Class Suites | Emirates

Emirates followed shortly afterwards in 2008 and not to be outdone, and in true Arabian style Emirates use real 22ct gold in their trim!

Qatar Airways unveils its Airbus A380 First Class product in Berlin

Qatar Airways inaugural flight from Doha to London took to the sky on 10th October this year, claiming to offer the widest first class seat in the industry, not entirely a suite but offering semi privacy.

A380 - Etihad Airways

Etihad are all geared up and set to launch in December this year, their "First Class Apartments" offer the facility to book adjoining spaces allowing 2 passengers to effectively join up and make a double bed.

….and going that bit further, alongside their First Class Apartments they also have what they call "The Residency" which not only is the only three room cabin in the sky but also gives you the use of a personal butler and chef.
Dannii Minogue is certainly excited about the facilities.