Celebrating Easter Around the World

Easter is a time for new life and new beginnings and, if you live in the UK, arguing with your family over whether marmite is an acceptable spread for your hot cross buns (the answer is a resounding yes, by the way).

While our traditions mostly involve stuffing our faces with chocolately treats in the shape of eggs, there are plenty of weird and wonderful traditions from around the world that will give you some serious wanderlust this Easter.


Verges, Spain

New beginnings, new life, a dance of death... wait, what?

'La Dansa de la Mort' takes place every year in Verges, a village roughly 80 miles from Barcelona. On Easter Thursday evening, villagers and tourists come out in their droves for this macabre spectacle which features skeleton costumes, scythes and spooky dances. The festival is supposed to symbolise the final judgement after death.

There's no denying it, the whole thing is pretty weird, but here at Compare and Fly, we love weird. Don't you?

Rome, Italy

It should be no surprise that we would feature Rome on this list seeing that at its heart is Vatican City, home to the Pope. If you're a bit of a history buff or you have a fiery passion for architecture (who doesn't?), Rome is the place to visit at any time of year.

Add Easter into the crazy mix and you've got yourself a pretty fabulous holiday. The Easter weekend sees tens of thousands of people gathering and making their processions through the streets, recalling Christ's journey. If you're not particularly religious, then maybe you'll be won over by the delicious Italian food that well and truly steps up its game during Easter!


Leonidio, Greece

Leonidio is a town roughly 128 miles from Athens which knows exactly how to celebrate Easter. The five village parishes compete with giant coloured lanterns that they light and release into the sky. Oh, and there's also fireworks. It's just a whole load of colours thrown into the sky, which are definitely quite a sight to behold!

Tradition says that no matter what the weather has been like, once the lanterns are released, the weather will calm, providing just enough breeze to carry the lanterns away… now, if only we could bottle that weather calming tradition, we'd be on to a winner.

New Orleans, USA

No matter what time of year it is, New Orleans know how to celebrate. Easter is no exception to that rule; in fact, Easter weekend sees no fewer than three parades grace the streets of the French Quarter from the Historic Easter Parade to the exciting Gay Easter Parade.

The parade processions epitomise the colour, life and culture of New Orleans, so it is the perfect time to get to know this incredible city.

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The world is full of wonderful, wacky and downright weird traditions, so go on, get out there and experience them for yourself!