Could we start seeing cheap flights from Wales?

If you are a regular holiday maker that lives in Wales, you have to get used to the big decision when booking your flights or holiday, "Do I fly from Cardiff?"

Cardiff offers the modern day traveller a very wide choice of destinations on scheduled, charter and low cost carriers with direct flights to most of the popular holiday making resorts of Europe and plenty of exciting city break destinations as well, add to that the networks of Air France/KLM and Aer Lingus where worldwide destinations are easily reached with a short hop via Amsterdam, Paris or Dublin, indeed Cardiff airport offers the world on a plate to those living in Wales, however, although convenient and a wide variety of choices Cardiff flights are often at a premium as demand is high and capacity is low, but recent news reveals there could be a new kid on the block – Swansea International Airport.


It has been reported in the press that a consortium of local organization is coming together to develop the site and turn it into a regional airport, currently only used for private aircraft and the local parachute club, the site itself is over 300 acres and has a 1.4 km runway it could easily accommodate any aircraft that currently serves London City. With a town similar in size to Norwich and Exeter and even less competing airports in the vicinity (other than Cardiff) it is hard to see how the venture could fail.

The Swansea area also has its own draw for tourists, with a number of areas of outstanding natural beauty right on its doorstep and more accessible to it than its rival Cardiff, it also has a premier league football club and two top flight rugby union sides that regularly host European teams the area would become more accessible for many.

If the project does take off (excuse the pun) and we were to see some of the most popular routes from Cardiff being rivalled, such as Teneriffe, Amsterdam, Malaga etc this would only mean great news for residents of Wales, as we all know the competition is good for the consumer.