Cuba the Land that Time Forgot

Beaches, Salsa, Old School Cadillacs, Cigars, Rum and Revolution, Cuba has to be a unique destination on the planet.

The famous writer and novelist Earnest Hemmingway loved the place so much he made it his home for over 20 years, these days you can follow in his footsteps and visit his favorite haunts, sip rum as the sun sets and really feel the inspiration he took from such a unique island.

With its year-round balmy climate anytime is Cuba time, the best way to explore this Caribbean gem is to start with a cheap flight to Havana wander the streets and marvel at the mishmash of architecture from Baroque to Art Deco and beyond, you can be forgiven if you feel as though you have been plunged into an American 1950's time warp as brightly coloured Chevvys, Buicks and Cadillacs cruise by. As Cuban relationships grow with America and the rest of the world sadly this unique feature will start to erode, so now is the time to immerse yourself in this classic cultural experience.

For a real taste of colonial spirit cross the island to the south coast and give Trinidad a visit, discovered at the same time Christopher Columbus set foot on mainland America and built on the profits of the sugar trade with its cobbled streets, plazas, palaces and churches, Trinidad has been granted UNESCO world heritage status and is a cultural.


After soaking up the atmosphere of the cultural landmarks most head for the beach, Varadero just a two-hour drive away from Havana is a great starting point, the first holidaymakers set foot on these golden beaches over 150 years ago so it has had plenty of time to shape its tourist industry, and now becoming so popular that Virgin Atlantic are offering direct flights to Varadero in 2017.

There are hundreds of beaches to choose from including remote islands that offer peace and tranquillity and not a tourist in sight, but if you are after more than just soaking up the rays there are still plenty of other activities to try, horse riding being one of the most popular. The Pinar Del Rio province offers great horse riding experiences with its many mountains and lakes and if riding is not your thing then hiking, boating and fishing are also a great way to experience the region.


With the passing of Fidel Castro, Cuba is bound to see some significant changes as it gets closer to the democratic world so jump on a flight and experience this wormhole before it's too late.