Drinking events and experiences to immerse yourself in

There is nothing better than visiting a destination and immersing yourself in a local experience. Christmas markets, religious pilgrimages, music festivals, sporting events or foodie extravaganzas- almost every town and city has some sort of annual event worth experiencing. Here we scratch the surface of a few events that are totally booze related, so book yourself on a cheap flight and find the cheapest bed in town, let's face it if you are away for some serious drinking you won't have much time to appreciate a swanky hotel room.

Drinking events


The most famous European drinking event has to be Munich's Oktoberfest, where the Mayor of the town kicks the event off by tapping the first barrel of beer, the event is absolutely free and there are countless beer tents with free tasters and plenty of cheap beer.

If wine is your cup of tea, then the Spanish town of Logroño in the Rioja region during the month of September is the place to be for the annual wine harvest. Locals indulge in sporting events, concerts and gastronomical activities. The climax is when two men dressed in local costume dance in a barrel of grapes to press the first glass of wine and it is offered up to the statue of the Virgin of Valvanera.


If the Spanish grape is not for your pallet and you prefer a light bodied red then just north of Lyon in France you will find the region of Beaujolais, where every year on the third Thursday in November at precisely one minute past midnight, the new harvest of Beaujolais is released. Beaujolais Nouveau Day is celebrated in over one hundred different towns and villages in the region but also throughout the whole of Europe.

If you are looking for something a bit stronger than beer or wine, then maybe the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is for you. Just north-west of Inverness is the region of Speyside where every spring hundreds of whisky thirsty tourists flock to the region for a five-day "wee dram". Events such as distillery tours and tastings are offered alongside castle tours and village fetes and with over 200 different distillers of the golden nectar, you are bound to want to take home a good few souvenirs.


And finally on our list of drinking getaways, the strongest of them all, a tiny town in Switzerland called Boveresse is host to the Fete de l'Absinthe where every June tourists who are looking to taste the supposedly hallucinogenic drink Absinthe visit the area on the French border high in the Alps a dancing green fairy is one of the main attractions as well as local culinary delights and craft stalls.

So pack your aspirin and a few hairs of the dog, grab your drinking vessel of choice and go out there and get smashed, but you may need a holiday afterwards to recover.