Everyone Falls In Love With Montreal…And They Are Right!

Will You Be Next?

There’s something special about this city with its distinctly French flair and strong Anglophone influence. Being home to one of the most multicultural communities in the world, it is open and welcoming to newcomers. Both, its cold winters and hot summers have their own charm. And, yes, we know now already that you will love the fantastic eateries, the green alleys, the summerly hippy vibe in the parks, and the abundance of cultural activities.


Typical summer Sunday mornings here start with either a croissant in a French bakery or with a hearty brunch in one of the amazing brunch places. Savour a typical Montreal breakfast at restaurant Saint Viateur, where your brunch will be served with a typical Montreal bagel. For a slightly hipper location, check out restaurant Fabergé on…you may laugh…Saint Viateur. That is, the STREET Saint Viateur. Don’t get confused, because this name stands for a famous restaurant as well as for a street in Montreal’s lovely Mile End!

Once you are full, take a stroll southwards, along the green alleys of Esplanade Street, down to Plateau Mont Royal. On the height of Rue Mont Royal, this charming street leads into Parc Mont Royal, which is the location of our next Montreal highlight: The TamTams. Just walk until Rachel Street and then turn to the right. You will hear the drumming from afar – just follow the sound! During summer time, drummers come together every Sunday to drum and dance their hearts out around the statue of Parc Mont Royal. The spectacle usually starts around 1pm and continues until 7pm, attracting large crowds of people to the park. You will either find them dancing in the crowd or just hanging out and picnicking with friends.

Just join the crowd – it’s easy to make friends here! In fact, you will typically meet a lot of people who came here as travelers and decided to stay. You will see them shrug and murmur something along the line of “I just fell in love with that city!”

To round off the day, walk back along Rachel Street to Saint Urbain and then turn southward (to the right). In just 30-40 minutes, you will be downtown, in Old Montreal. Either enjoy dinner at one of the great restaurants here (around Saint Jacques) or head a bit further to the North, to Saint Laurent and De la Gauchetière, where you will find numerous great Chinese restaurants in the city’s Chinatown. Both areas are interesting to see, so do have a stroll around. Definitely don’t miss visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. There’s an entry fee of CAD 5, but it’s stunning and worth the price!

So, are you ready for a typical summer experience in Montreal?

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