A Foodie's Guide to Europe

Fancy yourself as a foodie and looking for your next gastronomic destination? We've put together a short guide to some of Europe's most delicious destinations to help you on your way and get you hungry for your next adventure. With cheap flights available to all of the countries mentioned, you'll be on your way to food heaven in no time.

#1. France

A mecca for chefs and food lovers around the world, France offers up some of Europe's most celebrated cuisine. The country's rich history of gourmet cooking has influenced cooks everywhere, and its present offerings do not disappoint. Wander into a friendly Paris cafe and sample one of the city's fresh, buttery croissants over an espresso, or duck into a brasserie in Brittany for some of the region's famous seafood. A trip to Bordeaux will see you sampling some of the country's finest wines, while fantastic cheese can be had across the nation.


#2. Italy

Whether you're looking for a rich red wine, the best pizza of your life or the greatest variety of pasta on offer anywhere in the world, Italy has you covered. Sip on a glass of Brunello di Montalcino on a terrace in the rolling Tuscan hills or feast on squid ink pasta on the southern coast. Naples offers pizza held to the highest standards, and wandering through Rome will reveal hundreds of tiny, fantastic gelato shops for a sweeter treat.

#3. Germany

The home of sweet Riesling wine and hearty schnitzel, Germany is full of opportunities for foodies to experiment and expand their palates. Munich is famous for its beer and sausage culture, and neighbouring region Baden-Wurtenburg is home to some of the country's finest Michelin-starred restaurants. Compare flights to Berlin for a younger, more experimental experience in one of the city's many dynamic and exciting restaurants - or just have a currywurst!


#4. Greece

For the health-conscious food traveller, Greece's Mediterranean diet of world-class seafood and diverse mezze platters is ideal. A visit to the sun-soaked shores of Santorini or the Cyclades promises light, elegant feasts followed by ouzo or raki for those with stronger tastes!


#5. Spain

A visit to Valencia will reward visitors with one of the region's most famous exports - vast pans of mouth-watering paella full of strong Spanish flavours to match the country's rich Rioja wines. Those generous foodies will love sharing tapas throughout the country, sampling the best of Spain's dishes in a single meal. The country's iberico ham and manchego cheese make the perfect pairing for lighter bites, and make Spain one of Europe's top destinations for foodies everywhere!