Globetrotting travel blogger - Anna from London

We scoured our social media network to find a well-travelled person prepared to share their experiences with us. We came across Anna from London, and with a little gentle persuasion managed to get her to commit to sharing her travel stories with us.

Anna is a thirty something nine to five worker from London, who like many of us sits at her desk on dreary Monday mornings thinking of her next trip. It is probably easier to list the places she has not visited rather than those she has. Follow our blog and social media sites for stories past present and future from Jetsetting Globetrotting Anna.


We put a few questions to her and asked her to share some of her holiday snaps with us, one question we forgot to ask was "What book to you like to travel with? "

What is the worst London Airport to fly from?

Stansted, it's a long haul to and from home.

What is the best airport you have been through?

Kuala Lumpur, probably because I've spent the most time in that airport.

What is your favourite food.


What is the best restaurant you ate at?

Morning Glory in Hoi An, Vietnam

What is your favourite airline?

AirAsia for their cup of hot Milo

What is the cheapest flight you have booked?

AirAsia £25 each from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Where did you get your biggest travel freebie?

Not getting charged for my hotel in Krakow

Where is the best beach?

Paje, Zanzibar

Where was your worst destination?

Bergen, Norway. Only because it rained all day on my 30th Birthday and I had to take out a second mortgage to eat anywhere!

What was the dirtiest country you have visited?


And the cleanest?


What's on your bucket list?

Travel around China.

Self drive in Namibia.

Banff National park and glaciers in Canada.

Island hopping in Hawaii

And your F@(k it list?

Sharm and Marbs

What do you never travel without? (apart from a copy of Lonely Planet)


What was the best activity you have experienced?

Climbing Borobudur Temple in Java to watch the sun rise over a smouldering volcano.

What was your most awe inspiring relic?

Petra, Jordan.

What is the best city you have been to?

London of course!

What is your biggest travel regret?

Missing out on the Big Sur in California.

Name some of your favourite travel sights

The New York skyline

Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Blue lagoon in Iceland

Angkor Wat temple

What was your best animal experience?

Hugging a smelly koala bear in Perth and seeing every one of Big Five in South Africa

Where was the friendliest place you have been?

California everyone wants to talk you

And the un-friendliest?


What is your favourite hotel chain?

I don't think I've ever used the same chain twice.

What was your best hotel?

Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta

What was your worst human related travel experience?

Battlefields of WW1 in Belgium, for the sheer number of men who lost their lives fighting a pointless war.

And your best?

Spending time with the Warao Tribe and a children's charity on the Orinoco Delta