Goa – India’s Best Winter Sun Destination

India is not for everyone; the larger cities are often smelly and over populated with poor infra structure and poverty on almost every street corner, you have to see beyond these characteristics to really fall in love with what was the jewel in the British empire's crown but no so much with the state of Goa.

Goa's 63 mile of coastline is home to a number of paradise like beaches and with its prevailing winds from the Arabian sea, low rise buildings and the small population you get none of the usual characteristics of India's larger cities.

Conquered by the Portuguese in the 16th Century, Goa still retains much of its Portuguese influence. The main religion of the state is Catholic and many of the people and places have Portuguese names, this state is very much Indian with a western touch.


Because of the small population and massive tourism industry Goa is actually India's richest state and this is reflected all around by the infrastructure and general cleanliness, there are an abundant of fine properties dotted around both North and South Goa from main chain 5 star hotels to smaller boutique luxury properties, however the cheaper end of the market offers up some great bargains and real unique experiences. Small family run B&B's are to be found with great attention to detail, warm and friendly hosts that also offer board packages that allow the tourist a unique taste of local cuisine.

The Portuguese and western influence can be found in most of the local cuisine the main local dish of Chicken Xacuti (pronounced shakuti) can be found on most menu's with various tweaks to the recipe, consisting mainly of a chicken, coconut and coriander recipe however with varying degrees of heat depending on which establishment you are in.

The real Indian feel is to be found in one of Goa's many markets where haggling is the order of the day, handicrafts and souvenirs sit alongside designer goods and street foods, tailors are on hand to make suits and dresses from scratch to order at a fraction of the price we are used to in the UK and of surprisingly high quality.

So for many that want to try India as a holiday destination, but fear the downside of the big cities Goa would be a great starting point, and with cheap flights to Goa throughout January and February this is a great time to whet your taste buds, the only thing you would need to decide on now would be which part – North or South? – read our blog post here for some help.