Goa - North or South?

Let's face it, India is not everyone's cup of chai, the hectic cites do not offer the modern day holiday maker the stereotypical sun sea and sand, and although you will find some great hotels with all the facilities needed to make a great holiday the difference in culture is often shocking to the average tourist visiting India for the first time and looking for a good all round holiday.

When researching a first time visit to India a lot of holidaymakers opt for Goa as it offers the sun, sea and sand element of a holiday with a taste of India. Although Goa being predominantly a Catholic state will not give you the true diversity of culture other parts of India have to offer it does still tick a good few boxes.

So you have made the decision you want to holiday in India and Goa seems to be a good compromise do you go North or South?

North Goa

North Goa is the busier, livelier of the two, with over 10 beaches and the main road running close to the coastline, the stretch between the beaches of Anjuna and Candolim is the most popular region with plenty of bars, restaurants and all day and all night markets, you get a little feel of the hustle and bustle of India here, nowhere near as hectic as Bombay or Delhi, but vibrant enough for most nonetheless.


North Goa is arguably the birthplace of the full moon party, as far back as the 60's hippies were dancing through the night on the beaches, and through the 80's the electronic music scene was a hit in the area giving rise to the term Goa Trance.


South Goa

South Goa is more spread out and the distances between the beaches is much greater, the main road is set aback inland from the coastline with smaller inlets taking you to the beaches via smaller enclaves often dominated by a large hotel façade.

This part of Goa is by far the more chilled out relaxing on the beach type of holiday many of the hotels here have their own private stretch of beach and offer all-inclusive options to their guests. You could be forgiven for thinking it was just one long beach but in fact it is a number of beaches that are joint together by more beach, if you keep walking even at the busiest time of the season you will almost certainly come across a deserted stretch of beach where you can be your own modern day Robinson Crusoe.


In conclusion the perfect holiday in Goa would start with a cheap flight to Goa and a twin centre holiday, depending on your needs – definitely spend a weekend in North Goa to take advantage of the party scene and the markets, and at least a few days on the end soaking up the sun and enjoying the clear blue sea of South Goa.