Great Things to do In New York City

You could spend weeks in New York and still not visit all it has to offer, the main attractions for visitors include; Times Square, Broadway, China Town, Little Italy, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building, Ellis Island and many many more.

New York is America’s most culturally diverse city, it is said that over 1,000 languages are spoken here and you could eat a different countries cuisine every day for weeks.

Starting off in Times Square, The iconic hub of New York City, featured in countless films and many a live broadcast. Situated in Midtown Manhattan, at the junction of Broadway, Times Square used to be “The red light district” of town with live x rated shows and book shops, however these days the area is far more up-market.


With many major stores and attractions this part of New York has long shed its seedy red light reputation.
Times Square is the pace to be in New York on New Year ’s Eve, often a million people flood the square for this special occasion and to witness the dropping of the ball.

The New York shopping experience is second to none from world renowned department stores such as Macy’s or Tiffany’s to smaller designer boutiques and street markets.
Buying a pair of trainers or “sneakers” as the new Yorkers would call them is definitely going to increase your street cred back home, from the main stream Nike Town and Adidas Originals to the more off the beaten track shops like Dave's Quality Meats (Not a butchers shop trust me blud)


New York is a densely over populated city and for a tourist, driving around town is not recommended, the subways are a good way to get around by day, but possibly a bit dangerous late at night if you are on your own.
There are of course an abundance of yellow cabs you can hail, but don’t be surprised if your driver does not speak English, or does not know his way around town, and often the cabs are in a bad state and it has been known for some drivers to take you for a ride – literally.
So why not consider hiring a limousine for your special night out, or if there are a few of you travelling together to and from the airport.
Limousines in New York are surprisingly affordable and the range of options is immense. Caddy’s Lincolns and Hummers are often seen running the streets with the option of seating up to 20 people, you will also be amazed at the interiors of some of these vehicles, with hardwood floors, wide screen TV’s and even fish tanks for that relaxing experience.

With almost 100 flights a day from the UK to New York competition is good and flights to New York are cheap. And hotels from backpacker hostels to 5 star luxury there is a New York break to suit all budgets, so – search compare and fly.