How to Fly Long-Haul like a Boss

Flying long-haul can sometimes be a daunting experience for some but with a bit of forward thinking and some savvy planning it can be plain sailing.

Here are a few top tips for anyone dreading that forthcoming heinous journey.

#1: Chose the right flight

Even if travelling on a budget the cheapest option may not necessarily save you in the long run.

Take into consideration getting to and from the airport, flight times, transit times and time difference at your destination, checking into a hotel at 4am is a wasted night.

The ideal scenario is to fly out early evening and arrive mid-morning, then you get a decent sleep on board for most of the journey, arrive in time for local transport services and check-in to your hotel at the most convenient time.


#2: Dress right

Being comfortable will help you sleep and relax, wear loose clothes and comfortable flat shoes like trainers, wear layers so you can peel off if you feel too hot or add if cold, bring a scarf that you can use as a blanket or a pillow.

#3: Chose the right seat

Everyone knows you cannot choose the passengers around you and no matter how much preparation you put in the screaming baby behind you will only let you sleep when they are good and ready, but there are a few tips to consider.

Sit at a window seat to avoid getting up and down if anyone in your aisle needs to spend a penny, it also provides a wall for you to rest your pillow on for a snooze. If you don't like turbulence sit as close to the wings as possible as this is the most stable part of the aircraft.

#4: Entertainment

Bring a power pack for your mobile in case there are no charge points near your seat, also a set of headphones as some airlines charge for their use and often regular headphones will suffice.

If travelling with the little ones make sure they pack their own entertainment, a pack of cards, colouring in books, word searches even snakes and ladders can help when you have to stare at a seatback for hours on end, even the simplest forms of entertainment will get use like the good old fashioned pencil and paper.


#5: Food and Drink

Try not to drink too much coffee or alcohol, they will dehydrate you and can exacerbate jetlag, instead drink water and tea. Do not eat too much as your digestion system does not work as efficiently in a pressurised cabin, carb rich foods help with jetlag whereas protein rich snacks like nuts and cheese and crackers will make you feel full for longer, pack your own snacks so you can nibble away at will.