Ibiza as a Holiday Destination

Ibiza, has for some time been the clubbing holiday destination of choice for many a raver and with the Ibiza uncovered series this poor Balearic Island's reputation has been tarnished further.


The club scene really took off in the mid 80's with clubs like Es Paradis, Pacha and Amnesia who back then had free entry and a very relaxed door policy, there was more of a sixties style spirit of love and a care free atmosphere back then as most people came to dance the night away and enjoy the music scene. However as the word spread and the crowds grew so did the atmosphere change, the scene became more money motivated with more clubs springing up everywhere and each venue fighting for business using their acts and DJ line ups as the weapons of choice, door prices increased and door policies became less relaxed, much to the dismay of the ageing hippies that created the scene in the first place. These days it is not unheard of for some venues to charge in excess of 100 Euros for entry and with capacities increased to the size of a small stadium it is easy to see how big business has taken over what once was a small like minded community.

As Darwin noticed many moons ago amongst the animal kingdom evolution has its hand in things, and likewise with holiday destinations there is evolution too, with the growth of other European beach resorts like Sunny Beach and Faliraki the "all-inclusive drink as much as you can" crowds are drawn elsewhere and Ibiza is left to recover and revert back to its original clubland vibe, with a new generation of ageing hippies taking over, the ones that were there back in the 80's.


The best time to hit the island is during the month of May, there are many cheap flights to Ibiza at this time of year as it is the beginning of the season, the beaches are less crowded and the weather is perfect. For that true rockstar holiday feeling consider hiring a private villa, some come with chefs, maids, and chauffeurs and even a concierge service to get you that all important table at a restaurant, VIP access to a club or a private masseuse for the morning after around your private pool.

So if you are considering Ibiza as a holiday destination this year, think twice before ruling it out. If you still think you can cut some shapes on the dancefloor, or maybe want to relive the rave culture of the 80's, don't be put off by the lager louts Ibiza still has its vibe and always will.