Island Getaways

If you are all out of Christmas cheer, fed up of uncle Pete's same old jokes he pulls out each year, and aunt Susan being drunk and inappropriate, you can be forgiven if you were sitting down watching Tom Hanks in Castaway and thinking "I wish I was there

Here along with Tom and Wilson's Castaway Island are a few idyllic retreats, far from the madding crowd that you may wish to escape to.

Tom Hanks'  - Castaway

Monuriki is the actual island Tom and Wilson were stranded on, not to be confused with the actual Castaway Island a little closer to the mainland of Fiji.

Take a flight to Fiji (Nadi) and from there you can get regular boat trips over to the uninhabited island.

Leonardo DiCaprio's -  The Beach

If isolation is not exactly what you are after, then maybe you would like to join a hippy community? The Beach was filmed on the smaller of the Phi Phi islands in Thailand, Ko Phi Phi Le

Take a flight to Bangkok or even closer Phuket or Krabi and a boat over to Phi Phi Don, friom there you could swim like Leonardo, but it would be easier to take a water taxi.


Brooke Shields  - The Blue Lagoon

The innocent love story of The Blue Lagoon would appeal to the romantics and those who are fed up with society today, not too far from Tom Hanks' island is Nanuya Levu (also known as Turtle Island, which now has a luxury resort

Take a flight to Fiji (Nadi) and from there sea plane transfers are easily arranged.

Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman – The Shawshank Redemption

If like Andy and Red you feel a little claustrophobic after spending so much time locked indoors with a drying turkey carcass, then Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo may appeal to you. A short flight from Mexico City will bring you to the Costa Grande, maybe not so far away from the madding crowd as the film suggests, as this coastline is now the third most popular in Mexico after Cancun and Puerto Vellarta

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