Love Skiing? Check Out These 5 Underrated Destinations That Rarely Anyone Would Think Of!

Do you love skiing? Great - so do we! Are you also slightly tired of always seeing the same ski destinations in the media? Then, we have something more in common. Zermatt, Gstaad or Aspen arguably offer some of the best skiing in the world. But there also exist many places that seem slightly unconventional and are waiting to be discovered by travelers who don't savor mainstream.

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Dizin, Iran

When thinking of Iran, most people picture mullahs, radical Islam and dusty, polluted cities. They couldn't be any further from the truth! Yes, this country does have a seemingly stone-age religious establishment. But the Iranian population is known to be open, friendly, well-educated and extremely hospitable. On top of that, Iran has several world-class ski resorts. Located just 60 km from Tehran, Dizin is the largest and most renowned of them. Are you in for some amazing skiing, tasty Iranian food and maybe a side trip to ancient Persepolis? Then this is where you should be headed next!



2. Nozawa Onsen, Japan

A charming village with a traditional, Japanese experience; hot springs; and skiing - that's what you can get in Nozawa Onsen, close to Nagano. Trails for all levels mean that beginners and advanced skiers will all get their fill, and facilities for kids make the location highly family-friendly. Also, let's not forget the yummy Japanese food. Who can say no to this?



3. Portillo, Chile

If you want to go skiing all year round, Portillo in Chile definitely is the Summer or Autumn destination you should check out. Located in the Andes mountains, if offers the right trail for everyone and is only a 2-hour drive from Santiago de Chile, Chile's capital city. In recent years, Portillo has received much positive attention, due to its slopes being particularly inviting for advanced skiers. Also, the famous yellow hotel with its heated outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and great dining is just the place to be after a day of skiing in the cold!



4. Poiana Brasov, Romania

Poiana Brasov is Romania's largest ski resort and much-liked by even Italian, Swiss and Austrian tourists. It is best suited for intermediary skiers but also caters to beginners and advanced levels. Being a Romanian ski resort, Poiana Brasov is highly affordable. Come here to enjoy Transilvanian cuisine and culture, coupled with a skiing experience that rivals Austrian or Swiss resorts.



5. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Up for some French flair in Canada's eastern province of Quebec? Then, you'll love Mont Tremblant! Located in the Laurentian Mountains, this town offers a great skiing experience as well as poutine galore!