Man learns to fly

You have to wonder whether those two brothers ever imagined the future of aviation, Their first flight was less than half the wingspan of a modern day Airbus A380 yet it was a ground breaking achievement.

Although they had an attempt a few days earlier and did manage to stay airborne for a whole 3 seconds, the first flight by Orville lasted 12 seconds and he travelled a world record breaking 37 meters at roughly 7 miles an hour.

Wright Brothers

It was not until another 10 years (almost to the day, 10th December 1913) that the first passenger airliner took to the skies, with wicker chairs, a bedroom and lounge, a toilet and even electrical lighting.

Today you can fly for almost 19 hours non stop - Singapore Airlines flies from New York to Singapore a 15,000 km trip, wicker basket seats are also a thing of the past and electrical lighting now comes as standard.

Singapore Airlines' typical business class seats flip down to a 28" wide flat-bed, with all the tech the modern day traveller demands, HDMI hook up and USB chargers, with hundreds of films on demand in the seat back entertainment system and Michelin star quality cuisine,

We think the Wright brothers deserve a thank you for kicking this all off with one giant leap of faith, albeit a 12 second 37 meter leap.


(image courtesy Singapore Airlines)