Money-saving Tips for Backpackers

Whilst the summer might be over, we know that wanderlust never ends. Backpacking can be a fun and cost-effective way to travel, that allows you to get a more authentic experience. Here are a few handy tips for cutting costs on your backpacking holiday, without missing out on any of the fun:


Compare flights

Many of you will have had the experience of trying to book a flight, and found that different websites have wildly different prices for the same journey. Use to get cheap flights for wherever you're going, whether you're looking at flights to Bangkok or flights to Chicago.

Travel in the off-season

If you can be flexible about when you travel, it is definitely worth considering traveling in the low season. Not only will your costs be lower, but you will also enjoy fewer crowds and shorter queues for attractions.

Use for accommodation is a fantastic way to find cheap accommodation wherever you are. It can also lead you to meet new friends and getting lots of information about the local area that tourists might not be aware of (allowing you to avoid the often overpriced tourist traps!).

Buy a public transportation pass

This will only apply if you are planning on spending several days in the same place. Many cities will offer multi-day passes that provide access to all of their public transportation systems. These often end up being significantly cheaper than purchasing many single passes.


Walk around the city

While this might not always be possible (in which case public transportation passes are key), many popular tourist destinations tend to be quite compact. Walking between sights can be a fun and cheap way to see even more of your beautiful surroundings. The more popular cities may also have apps available that specialize in providing maps and self-guided tours, allowing you to save on potentially expensive tour guides.

Make use of discounted entry to museums

Many attractions will offer discounts if you are a student or young person. Even if you do not qualify for a specific reduced rate, lots of museums have 'free days', which are worth researching in advance.

Eat like a local

Try and avoid chains when you are traveling. They tend to be overpriced and significantly less fun than experiencing the local cuisines and street foods. Dine out at lunch


You may want to enjoy a nice sit-down meal at least once a day, which is understandable, this is a vacation after all! Consider dining out at lunch, when cafes and restaurants are more likely to be offering 'meal deals', and wait times will usually be shorter.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you on your next adventure, wherever your flights take you! Check out the Compare & Fly blog for even more handy articles on how to make the most of your holidays.