Munich, the Land of Football, Beer & Meat

Munich, the Bavarian capital and Germanys third largest city, a Mecca for beer lovers and home to the world-famous Oktoberfest, with an abundance of cheap flights to Munich from the UK this grand German city is within easy reach. Even if you are not visiting during the Oktoberfest period there are enough breweries in the city offering daily brewery tours to keep you occupied for a good few weeks.

Munich - Footballing City:

But it's not just beer the city is famed for it is also Germany's most successful footballing city, the iconic Allianz stadium greets visitors on route from the airport into the city, the 75,000 capacity footballing arena is home to fierce rivals Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich but also the national teams home stadium, the unique lighting feature of the stadium shines red for Bayern home games, blue for 1860 and white for internationals, so it will come as no surprise if you visit the city and come across tens of thousands of beer drinking football fans as Munich has so much to offer those seeking a footballing weekend break.


Munich - Beer City:

A meander through the town centre will immerse you in Bavarian history and it is very hard to tell this city was raised to the ground during world war two but painstakingly rebuilt from the rubble piece by piece like a massive jigsaw puzzle. Every visitor to Munich has to pay a visit to the main square Marienplatz home to the Rathaus with its musical glockenspiels and ornate stone carvings a 5 minute walk eastwards takes you to the hundred-year-old Hofbräuhaus where a stein of cold Bavarian beer served by bar staff in authentic German attire awaits to quench your thirst, the atmosphere in the bar is second to none and often local oompah bands will play good old fashioned beer drinking songs.


Munich - Meat City:

After a good football match and a few steins of beer what more does a man want? – meat maybe? well you are in luck in Munich, the Bavarians love nothing more than a good sausage and on almost every street and square you will find a sausage and sauerkraut restaurant the local speciality is a white sausage served with sweet mustard and a pretzel but only traditionally eaten before noon and for those who have built up an even stronger appetite try the knuckle of Pork a slow roasted hunk of pig served with mash and sauerkraut it may sound a bit odd but after a few steins it's absolutely delicious.


Munich, welcome to the land of football, beer and meat.