Negril, Jamaica

If you're looking for an ideal Caribbean holiday, with cheap flights from the UK via the states, you can't go wrong visiting Negril, Jamaica.


Direct flights to Montego bay, Jamaica can be slightly costly, but flights via the USA are found for a lot less in both the high, and low, season. Better yet, accommodations in this tourist town are more than reasonable. Once you arrive in Jamaica, most likely in Montego Bay, you will take the shuttle from the airport to Negril. The shuttle trip is a couple of hours long, and usually stops halfway for a break, and the opportunity to purchase some jerked chicken and an iced cold beverage.


Once you arrive in Negril you have a few choices where to stay. You can stay directly on the famous seven mile beach, which is beautiful, but quite expensive. You can stay on the cliffs, which also stretches for about seven miles, and includes some of the best ocean, and sunset, views in all of Negril. Or you can stay "downtown" which basically sits between the beach and the cliffs. While downtown is a little more rugged than either the beach or cliffs, it's also substantially cheaper, and a perfect spot for the budget traveler.

Once you decide where you're staying it's very easy to navigate between the beach, downtown, and the cliffs. There are two routes the taxis take in Negril; the beach route, and the cliff route. Each route costs around a dollar, and both terminate downtown. If you're on the cliffs, and want to head to the liveliest dance club on the beach, "The Jungle", simply take a cab downtown, and then another to The Jungle. Once at The Jungle you'll be treated to some of the best hip hop, and reggae, tunes that are perfect for dancing the night away.

Should you want a more relaxing evening you can't go wrong with a trip to "Rick's Cafe" on the cliffs. Here you can spend the day lounging in their pool, or jumping from one of the many cliffs at the cafe, into the crystal clear waters below. Make sure to stick around for sunset though. Rick's offers views of the Negril best sunsets you will ever see.