Our Top 5 Destinations for Bungee Jumping

Do you love the adrenaline rush from air gliding, bungee jumping or other fun activities? Are you not the type of person to go lie on a beach, or do you prefer adventurous holidays with a special kick? Then you should check out our top 5 destinations for bungee jumping that will not only offer you a great adrenaline rush but also great landscapes and cultural activities. Are you ready for the jump? Then book cheap flights from the UK now and enjoy an incredible holiday that you won't forget that fast!

1. Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

This is where it all began. And hence, at least one trip is absolutely essential for any fans of bungee jumping. It is said that since AJ Hackett took the first jump here some 26 years ago, more than 650,000 people have taken the plunge here, from the Kawarau Bridge. This location is on the South Island and close to Queenstown, which means that you could take a nice trip to the capital city and its beautiful surroundings to then round off your trip with that special bungee jump!


2. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe and Zambia

How about a bungee jump after an interesting safari? This is what you can do from the Victoria Falls Bridge, which is at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Couple that with fascinating African culture and landscapes – and your trip will be unforgettable.


3. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Ready for some James Bond feel? Then, you should absolutely jump down the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland. Besides being located in a very nice area of the country and relatively close to towns like Lugano or Ascona, this dam really was the site of a James Bond movie. Heck, that special feel of jumping from the same location you saw in the film is amazing – you should really go check it out!


4. Extremo Park, Costa Rica

Bungee jumping in the jungle? That is possible in Costa Rica! Check out the Extremo Park, in which you don't really jump – you slide down over a series of cables. However, the experience is incredible. You literally slide down into the forest and have an amazing view!


5. Macau Tower, China

You may not yet have known, but there exists a possibility to bungee jump off a tower in Macau. This is the former Portuguese colony of China and now mostly known for its casinos and colonial flair. Take a jump off the Macau Tower and round off your trip with a dinner in the building. Bon appetit!