Planning a Budget Camping trip to Northern Norway

There are two ways to enjoy northern Norway; you can either arrive in the winter and experience the glory of the northern lights, or you can get to the country as the spring thaw begins and find yourself bathing in the midnight sun.

In this article, we're going to take you on a quick guide to planning a budget trip to Norway during the spring season - complete with cheap flights, basic food and, of course, a camper van!


Getting there

Flights to Tromso from the UK generally leave from London and usually have a short layover in Oslo. If you so choose, this offers the opportunity for a quick capital city visit en route. When you are looking for flight tickets, it's definitely worth using a 'compare flights' website as prices, particularly for Scandinavian Airlines, can vary.


Eating out in Norway is expensive, but it's possible to self-cater to a reasonable budget if you're prepared to cook from scratch and embrace some local delicacies. Fisk kakker (fishcakes) and the rather sweet brunost (brown goat's cheese) are cheap and enjoyable options, while pasta and noodles with Kjotkakker (meatballs) and fresh tomatoes are regional staples.


Free camping

Norway is a big country and the best way to explore is via camper van. After you've saved hundreds on flight tickets, it would be a shame to spend the money you've saved on official campsites. There are plenty of stunning roadside and beach locations on which to park the camper overnight and, best of all, most are free! Northern Norway has plenty of public toilets, although most of these are of the 'long drop' variety and washing involves either snow or the sea. Unless you camp on private land, no-one should disturb your slumber or your nights up gazing at the midnight sun over the fjords.


Northern Norway is a stunning location and, although the country has a reputation for being expensive, once you have saved money by using a compare and fly website to purchase your cheap flight tickets to Tromso, you will have plenty left over for exploring the deserted landscape of Nordkapp and the beautiful beaches on the island of Senja. We'd love to hear about your Norwegian adventures - what did you enjoy most about this wonderful Scandinavian country?