Steven Mayatt – Creative Photographer

Here at we are always on the look out to work with new exciting talent, so when the opportunity arose to feature some of the exciting work produced by Steven Mayatt we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

We will let Steven introduce himself, and let his work speak for itself.

I'm a London-based Creative Director and photographer. Work and pleasure have both allowed me to travel to a wide variety of locations, almost exclusively in Europe and Africa. Some of the most fantastic places i've seen I almost wouldn't have expected to have resonated with me as much as they have. Stockholm managing to blend city, rural and history almost seamlessly.


Bergen in Norway living up to its moniker as Gateway to the Fjords, while Reykjavik in Iceland remains one of my favourite places for looking and feeling like you're on another planet.


Jordan caught me by surprise, and is in my top 3 favourite locations, for it's beautiful colours, people, and tours to places like Wadi Rum and Petra.


Cape Town has so far taken me further from London than any other trip, and seems to balance cosmopolitan life with the very real Africa that everyone should experience a little of someday. I've found the South Africans some of the friendliest i've ever encountered. The last worth a mention is Moscow, as tricky as it is to get permission to visit, it broke every expectation I had, and standing in the centre of Red Square really has an effect that's hard to top.

As the photography I work on is so varied, from portraiture to promotional shots, events and weddings, to landscapes and nature, the locations I visit always have an impact on my style. I've recently discovered the joys of Italy, and Tuscany in particular. The location delivers exactly what the postcard promises, it's like every turn presents you with a new array of views that are so effortless to capture my job's almost done for me.

We are both excited and privileged to be able to use the images of someone who not only has a great talent, but also shares the same passion for travel as we do. As you navigate our site you will see Stevens work adds to the experience.

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