Just A Taste Of Colorado’s Hidden Gems

Colorado's mesmerizing Rocky Mountain's with their hazy purple and blue have captured the lure of thousands of people. With 52 mountains reaching over 14,000 feet this area provides endless wonderment and adventure. During the winter months, the gorgeous Rocky Mountain's are dressed in a sparkling gown of white bringing skiers and snowboarders out by the droves.

While snow activities entice people from all over the world to come out and play, it isn't the only gem up Colorado's sleeve.

When visiting Colorado there are a few places worth putting on your must see list.

Hanging Lake, named a National Natural Landmark, this place is absolutely otherworldly! 10 miles east of Glenwood Canyon you will find the Hanging Lake Trail. At just over one mile this trail is relatively short but don't let the distance fool you. This trail makes you work for it with its steep rocky path. Once you make it to the top you are met with breathtaking views of the turquoise lake.


© Jade Kilbourn

This lake is quite unique in its own right. Formed by travertine deposition along the edge, it has a unique turquoise color that makes for a stunning view. A walkway surrounds the lake giving you a perfect view of this tranquil paradise hidden up on the mountain side.

While you are in the area visiting Hanging Lake, pop on over to Glenwood Springs and enjoy the world's largest hot springs pool. With 15 different minerals in the water, it is a well-deserved rejuvenation for the body. The hot springs are open year round, should you come in the winter it makes for a beautiful spot to watch the snow fall against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

If you are looking for that perfect, picturesque place to visit head up to one of Colorado's 14er's (mountains over 14,000ft high), Maroon Bells just 10 miles west of Aspen. This breathtaking spot is regarded as one of Colorado's most photographed places. If you want to truly experience the stunning beauty of Colorado's mountains this is the place. Maroon Bells' unique mudstone rock, contrasting against the snow-striped peaks make for a gorgeous 14er. A perfectly reflected view from the pristine alpine lake at the foot of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking. Enveloped by every color of wildflower imaginable, this is a photographer's dream.


© Jade Kilbourn

Colorado is also home to America's highest bridge, the Royal Gorge bridge. It is located in Canon City giving visitors breathtaking views and the thrill of a dizzying height of 1,053 ft. With various attractions and thrill seeking rides, this is a perfect place to spend the day.

To change it up a bit the Stanley Hotel in beautiful Estes park is a must see for those paranormal fans. American author of horror, Stephen King, wrote: "The Shining" based on the paranormal activities experienced in room 217. If you think you have the nerve to stay at the Stanley Hotel prepare yourself for the things that go bump in the night!

With cities like Denver full of delectable restaurants, mountains brimming with gorgeous landscapes and Colorado's endless sights to see there are activities for every kind of taste.

Whether you are the outdoorsy adventure seeker or the dig into the city life type, Colorado is sure to not disappoint. Between the views and activities, this is certainly a place that will hook you from the start.

Guest post by Jade & Pauls Travels