The Best Beach Resorts in Turkey

Everybody loves a beach holiday, and none more so than us Brits sun worshippers by day and party animals by night, and although the rise in popularity of the all-inclusive holiday worldwide, Turkey is one of the places where the local bars and restaurants offer exceptional value for money and friendly vibrant atmosphere so the hotels and self-catering holiday options still thrive.

Turkey has some stunning beaches some with sprawling resorts, others slightly off the beaten track with small authentic Turkish towns, here we look at a few of these.


The beach at Ortakent is a heavenly paradise. Located near a very picturesque and serene village and market gardens on the Bodrum peninsula, Ortakent was once graced by the Greek epic poet Homer who once described this area as the "the land of eternal blue."

Do you like water sports? Are you an adventurous type? The beaches of Ortakent would let you try water sports like sailing and wake-boarding if you really want to feel the adrenaline taking you high. If you're an easygoing holidaymaker there are great cafés located close to the crystal-clear waters that serve sun loungers with delicious local cuisine. This resort provides loads of fun for the entire family.



Near the ancient remnants of Olympos lies Cirali - a well-hidden stretch of beach, covered by the side of an appealing rural village. Because of this, it's managed to protect itself against any development that would affect its stunning natural surroundings.

The beach is safeguarded because loggerhead turtles use it as their breeding site. You're bound to avoid unwanted faces on the beach, as the huge and luxurious hotels are at a great distance and most of the beach goers prefer exploring Olympos beach instead. Kicking out to the sea and looking back over the land, and beachfront cafés would make it tough for you tell if there was a stunning village cum resort at all.


Want to really experience a calm beach? Then you should heading out to the beach at Kabak. Cornered by pine forests, you would be charmed by the stunning stretch of beach which often lies secluded packed with just a small number of campsites close-by.

It's amazing in particular because it's hardly a fifteen-minute drive away from the adjoining major beach resort - OluDeniz. You would not have to cover a great distance just to find your fair share of calmness.


Gemiler Island

Even though this lovely island of is just a kilometre and 400 metres wide, it's immensely rich in history and certainly worth giving a touch of discovery to its ruins and striking coves. This tiny, unsettled Mediterranean island mainly lures tourists due to the extensive leftovers of a Byzantine sacred settlement which was once its pride.

This island is home to four churches, houses, plenty of ritual tombs and an ancient harbour, which make it one of the most stunning Byzantine ruins giving an engaging peek into the lives of the people living in the olden times. It can be reached by boat and offers breathing space from the hordes of tourists of the nearby larger resort.

Hisaronu Bay

A trip to Hisaronu Bay will be an ideal choice if escaping the well-known tourist resort of Marmaris is what you're looking forward to. Other than the calm restaurants, you can take a glimpse of the Byzantine ruins, along with Christian bombs and religious buildings.

Hisaronu Bay, a neighbour to Marmaris bay, takes only half an hour drive to reach the point. Take a boat to the bay having sunbeds in order to sunbathe while you're being carried away from the from the chaos of the city.


Turkey, the perfect choice for a fun-filled getaway, prides itself for having been one of the biggest tourism success stories over the past few years, and it's easy to see why. Witnessing more than a million visitors last year - ancient ruins, sparkling sands and dynamic centres are some reasons why Turkey's coastal resorts make fascinating destinations for a perfect beach holiday in the summer.