The Holiday Sacrifice Calculator

When times are hard and purse strings are being tightened one of the first things we sacrifice is the annual holiday, but think again.

There are a few small daily sacrifices you can make to save that well deserved break. Here are a few for starters we worked out for you.

The “quick one” after work.

For the cost of 9 pints of The Black Nectar you could be in Dublin enjoying the craic.
Ryanair offer return flights to Dublin from under £40.

The kick starter in the morning.

For the cost of 27 mini mocka chocka skinny capus you could be enjoying the sights of the leaning tower from an al fresco café.
With flights to Pisa around £60 return

The fashion fix.

Cut out your daily glossy and spend some time rubbing shoulders with the stars in Milan.
Flights to Milan are around £130 with the average glossy being £3-£4 that’s one month of fashion fasting for some a great shopping experience.

The Burger Break.

Flights to Hamburg on Easyjet start at around £70 return, that’s just over 14 visits to Ronalds kitchen

For more inspiration on holiday sacrifices see our infographic below