The Top 6 Sights To See In Berlin

The German capital is one which epitomizes the changes and the history that the country has experienced over recent decades and centuries, and is a cosmopolitan and vibrant place to visit with a real historic heart. Whether you are looking for cutting edge art, ancient monuments and artistic masterpieces or great views, Berlin certainly has something for you.

Brandenburg Gate

Built at the end of the eighteenth century as an ornate city gate leading on to the impressive boulevard 'Unter den Linden', this is one of the most important historic sites in the city, and is now an attractive monument again after significant restoration. With six impressive pillars and the grand statue of a Roman chariot drawn by four horses, it is one of the most iconic sights in Berlin.


Checkpoint Charlie

During the years when the Berlin Wall divided the East and West of the city, the main crossing point between the two areas was dubbed 'Checkpoint Charlie' by the allies helping to maintain peace. While the original booth that stood at the checkpoint has since been removed, its popularity as a tourist site meant a replica was erected, and nearby sections of the Berlin Wall are used as a gallery tracing the history of the checkpoint.

Kollhoff Tower

Located on a prominent plot on Potsdamer Platz, this tower was designed by Hans Kollhoff in his New Classical style which uses red brick to help the building stand out. There is a viewing platform that offers some nice views across the city, but it is also noted for having the fastest elevator in Europe to take visitors up to the viewing platform which is over 100 meters above street level.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Berlin is a city that is known for its vibrant cultural scene, and one of the musical highlights of a visit to the city is the chance to see the orchestra in action. Located in the impressive Philarmonie building that was completed in 1963, it is a truly wonderful experience and it is often possible to pick up last minute bargain tickets if the show is not a sell out.

Street Art In Berlin

The German capital is at the forefront of modern art in the country, and outside the main tourist center there is a wealth of art and graffiti to be seen. While it is possible to research beforehand and to walk around many of these sites yourself, joining a tour is a great way to get a quick look at the main modern art pieces, and to see the work of several artists in a relatively short space of time.



The Reichstag

The seat of government in Germany is typical of the city itself, a truly historic building that has been given a modern and adventurous glass dome to celebrate the reunification of the city. Although tours of the dome do need to be booked in advance, it is well worth the effort to see how natural light is collected and filtered down through the building, along with the spectacular construction of mirrors that makes this possible.

Flying To Berlin

Most of the flights that go to Berlin from the UK depart from the London airports, although there are flights from several other cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol. Most routes to Berlin are operated by EasyJet, although Ryanair offers services from Stansted and Luton, while Germanwings also offers a service from Heathrow. Flights from the London airports are generally much cheaper with a return costing around £100, while those flying from other cities will usually pay up to £150 for their return tickets.