Tips on Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids?

Some of us dread the thought of the family holiday, constantly running around after the little ones picking things up, wiping noses, applying sun cream and generally fetching and carrying for them over the duration of the trip, however with a few savvy preparations it need not be as stressful as you may think. Here we put together a few tips to ease the strain of travelling with the little angels and to help make that family holiday the bonding experience it should be.


#1 – Flight Times

When booking flights think about what time you depart and land sometimes the cheapest flight is not always the most practical, try to co-ordinate with sleep patterns, flying is exciting even for the big kids so if you have a long flight ahead try and get the overnight flight or as late a departure as possible so the little bundles of joy can curl up and get 40 winks, giving you and the rest of the cabin some peace.

#2 – Seats

Book your seats as soon as possible to guarantee sitting together, if a large group let the kids sit behind the adults to avoid kicking strangers in the back and causing embarrassing situations, try to book the window and aisle seats leaving the middle seat empty as no-one will really want to sit in-between 2 strangers, and if the flight is full it's easy to offer the stranger the choice of window or aisle.

#3 – Snacks

Let's face it even the least fussy eaters sometimes turn their nose up to airline meals what with the soaring costs of board feeding a small family on route can sometimes be more than the cost of the flight itself so make sure to pack plenty of filling snacks, a packet of boiled sweets is must for the in-flight picnic as they are a great antidote for popping ears. Be wise to the no fluids rule when passing through to air side, 100ml of double concentrated dilute can make up to 1l of juice.

#4- Entertainment

Make sure the kids have their own rucksacks packed with stuff to do; pens, paper, puzzle books etc. Magnetic board games that can easily be setup in confined spaces are great time wasters if your little ones are tech savvy make sure you have the correct adapters for the country you are visiting or back up power packs with the correct charging leads.

#5 – Plan ahead

Sitting on the beach with a book is not the most exciting prospect for most kids so make sure you research your destination, find the nearest water park, theme park or fun fair, research the different beaches and coves so you are not just visiting the same beach each day, look into what local excursions are available, boat trips and animal experiences are always a winner. Think about hiring a bicycle not only do you get to explore the destination close up but it also tires out the little angels.

#6. Health and Safety

In this day and age, health and safety are somewhat overdone, but as every boy scout knows the three most important things in life are preparation, preparation & preparation. Pack a small first aid kit, include anti-histamine tablets, you never know you are allergic to something until you are exposed to it for the first time, include painkillers that are suitable for your children as these are often hard to find in foreign countries where language may be a barrier. On arrival take note of where the local pharmacy is the nearest doctors or hospital this way if an emergency does arise you will not be in a blind panic trying to google stuff on a weak wifi signal.

Of course, you can never completely take the stress out of a family holiday but with a little forward thinking, you can plan for the unexpected.