Top 10 unexplored places in London

The most populous city in England is London. Standing on the river Thames in the south-east part of the island of Great Britain, London has always fascinated tourists from all over the world. London was first named by the Romans as Londinium. The city is historically split between Essex, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, and Hertfordshire. This explains the rich historical and cultural heritage of the place making it a tourist hotspot. There are many things to do in London and places to explore. Unlike the already explored places of the city, it also has some amazing places that still are unexplored by the majority.

Listed below are ten such unexplored places in the city of London.

#1: York Watergate

The York House, Strand (London), was the home to the first Duke of Buckingham which was built in the year 1237 but at first, it served as the home of the Bishops of Norwich. Today all that remains of that place is the mansion's Thames Watergate which originated in 1626 as the house was razed in the year 1675. The Watergate is now situated within the Embankment Gardens which is approximately 150 yards inland from the riverbank.


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Current address:

Watergate Walk, London WC2N 6DU, UK.

#2: John Snow's Water pump

On the western edge of Soho, stands the original and amazing water pump that aided to flicker the dreadful Cholera outbreak of 1854. Dr. Snow had traced the areas Cholera deaths that had occurred due to the contamination of the water whose main source was this water pump and helped to control the epidemic. Then on it has come to be known as John Snow's water pump. It is located on Broadwick Street, WI.

#3: Sewer Lamp

Just off the Strand on carting lane, WC2 stands the sewer lamp, noble in nature, running on methane fumes (by-products of human feces). These lamps were built to aid diffuse the methane from sewers. The original lamp was damaged by a traffic accident and hence replaced by a replica which one gets to see today.


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#4: Crystal Palace

This is a subway which once linked the Crystal Palace with Crystal Palace High-Level railway station which was demolished in 1961 and the latter being destroyed by fire in 1936. It served as an air raid shelter during World War II.


#5: Jeremy Bentham's skeleton

In the main building of London's University College stands a cabinet that contains the clothed skeleton of reformer and philosopher, Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). The head you get to see is the original wax-covered skull of Bentham. Somehow his mummified body didn't cooperate, and it decayed.

#6: The Stone Nose of Admiralty Arch

This mysterious life-sized stone nose is situated at the northernmost arch of the Admiralty Arch towards Trafalgar Square. It is a protruding artifact halfway up the wall. A lot of urban legends surrounded it until 1997 it was known that an artist had placed it.


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#7: The Duke of Wellington's Horse Block

A small white block stands curbside at the east side of St. James Waterloo Place, SW1 which is a horse block laid by the Duke of Wellington, in the year 1830. It is a fine 19th-century relic.

#8: The Eisenhower Centre

This is a deep protective level, air raid shelter, furnished with bathrooms, bunks, kitchens and medical amenities for at least 8000 people. They were constructed at eight tactical tube stops during the Second World War.


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#9: Burlington Arcade's Beadles

The posh passageway of shops located off of Piccadilly is known to have its legal jurisdiction. There are no security guards but b, and politely checks over the rules and regulations of the area.

#10: The Bells of St. Sepulcher

Near the Old Bailey, the church bells of St. Sepulcher are located. It has a long history of threatening doom. The large bell hanging in the church tower was rung to notify people of executions taking place at the nearby Newgate Prison.


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Maybe next time you visit London, after visiting the famous places of the city, make a trip down to these odd places that are hidden in history.

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