Top 5 Sights To Visit In Croatia

Since the collapse of Communism in the former Yugoslavia, there have been some turbulent times here, but there is no doubt that Croatia and its range of attractions are quickly returning to the tourist radar as one of the up and coming European destinations. From beautiful natural sights and lovely coastal areas to Roman ruins and historic cities, Croatia is well worth considering as an attractive alternative option to the major destinations of Europe.


Having once been a prominent city state in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the walls surrounding the old city of Dubrovnik are still in good repair, and show how the city was able to rival Venice in terms of influence in Europe during this period. Today, the city is a wonderful combination of architecture and historic museums along with being a beautiful coastal destination, which has led to the city often being referred to as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'.


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Euphrasian Basilica, Porec

The ancient city of Porec has been a bastion on the Istrian coast in the west of the country for nearly two thousand years, and the city's historic basilica dates from the period when the city was still growing and developing. Despite suffering the impact of several earthquakes over the centuries, this sixth century basilica has been expanded upon over the years, and is still a beautiful and elegant church that is one of the best surviving examples of early Byzantine architecture. A stunning floor mosaic dating from an earlier fifth century church and the beautiful interior of the current building have helped the basilica to be recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Palace Of Diocletian, Split

The Roman Emperor Diocletian had been planning for some time before his retirement as Emperor in the early fourth century, and this palace is the place where he chose to retire following his reign. Located in the modern city of Split, this palace is a testament to Diocletian's practicality, with its military defensive features, and his desire to enjoy a comfortable retirement, with plenty of luxury features and extensive gardens. Today visitors can still see the walls built from the local marble and enjoy the grand peristyle area of the palace, which has become a Croatian icon and has even appeared on some of the country's banknotes.


A stunning small island lying on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Korcula is a popular island among visitors because of the wonderful collection of beaches, ranging from the two sandy beaches to the series of pebble beaches around the island. Water sports are among the most popular activities on the island including sea kayaking and snorkeling, while those looking for a more cultural experience can visit the building said to have been the childhood home of Marco Polo. One of the newest events on the calendar is the wonderful Korkyra Baroque Festival, which is a celebration of classical music that sees concerts held across the island in September every year.

Korcula Island

Image @ Flick Mario Fajt

Plitvice Lakes

When it comes to iconic images of Croatia, once visitors have explored the remarkable turquoise lakes of Plitvice, it is hard to imagine anything else that can quite match its natural beauty. Located in a charming area of forest that has a wonderful biodiversity, these sixteen lakes display a range of colors from the bright azure to green and gray waters, but it is the turquoise lakes that tend to stand out the most. The lakes are linked by a series of paths and boardwalks that make this one of the most amazing places to relax and explore on a pleasant afternoon.

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