Travel Hacks

Once you have searched, compared and then booked that cheap flight of the century, push your luck that little more and take advantage of these tips to make your money go that much further.


When traveling in a pair book the aisle and window seat, leaving the middle seat empty, most single travelers would avoid sitting here giving you more space, if it is a packed flight the person taking the centre seat would gladly swap for a window or aisle.


Put a fragile sticker on your suitcase, not only will this ensure your case is dealt with carefully but it will also be loaded last and therefore unloaded first getting you out of the airport and into your taxi before the madding crowd.

Set up a clean web based email account, email all your travel confirmations and scanned copies of important documents like passport and driving license etc, even a passport sized photo of yourself as you never know when it may come in handy.

Looking for a freebie upgrade? Dress smart and check-in as late as possible, this is when the check in staff have to make decisions on upgrades as the flight fills don't be afraid to ask, be polite and witty the staff make their decisions based on appearance and personality, and if you do not manage to blag a freebie, ask what the cost is, as many airlines are prepared to sell the upgrade at last minute at dramatically reduced rates.

Although you are not allowed to take liquids through to air side, you can take an empty bottle, this can then be filled up at a drinking fountain avoiding paying extortionate prices for drinks at the airport, even better still take 100ml of concentrated juice and then you have a nice flavorsome refreshing beverage.


When packing your suitcase, for maximum space saving roll up your clothes, not only will this pack your bag efficiently it also avoids creases. Also stuff socks and belts inside shoes to make use of every space. Put a fabric softener sheet in the suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and some moisture absorbent sachets to pack your wet towel and swimming costume with to stop the rest of your clothes getting wet or smelly.


Use cleaned and emptied out everyday containers like sun tan lotion or lipstick to hide valuables in, particularly useful when going to the beach as thieves would be looking for a wallet or handbag and not likely to be interested in a bottle of sun tan lotion.