Still No Plans for Next Weekend? Head to Oktoberfest in Munich!

Are you planning a getaway for next weekend but still don't know where to go? Well, it's September again, and this means that the largest "Volksfest" (or peoples festival) in the world is about to start in Munich! There, beer of all sorts, curry sausage, roasted pork, roasted chicken and many other German delicacies are going to make your mouth water from September 19 to October 4 this year. Book cheap flights to Munich now and go enjoy one of the most traditional and fun parties Germany has to offer!


The Oktoberfest is a 16-day folk festival, which is held annually from mid or late September into October. Started in 1810 by King Ludwig I to celebrate his wedding with Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, it developed into an important part of Bavarian and German culture and is held on the Theresenwiese in Munich - called Wiesn by locals.

Along with the tradition of an official parade, which was originally held in honor of the marriage of the two newlyweds, one is now held annually as a highly popular, traditional costume parade on the first Sunday of Oktoberfest. Therefore, we highly recommend planning your trip around that event. If you want to add some extra fun and hop into a so-called Dirndl or Hosn to walk around the festival grounds or the city, this is your chance to do so!


On the Oktoberfest, you will find an incredibly large number of tents of different beer brands (of course!) and roller coasters. Some of them are Augustiner Bräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Hofbräu. They all are brands conforming with the German beer purity law, which was adopted in Bavaria in 1516. Hence, we could say that you get the chance to try your way through a vast range of the best and most historic German beer brands. And Germany is famous for its beer.

Have fun. And happy drinking!