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Miles and miles of beaches and a Portuguese heritage, woven into the highly diverse Indian culture of the region – Goa is more than just rave nights and people living a hippy lifestyle. The smallest state of India is considered more liberal than the rest of the country and couples beautiful jungles with gorgeous relics from the colonial era

The best time to visit Goa is after the monsoon, when the temperatures are cooler. From November until March, temperatures can get as high as 31°C. The rest of the time, it is hotter and more humid. This is also when the charter flights operate to Goa and you will often compare last minute cheap flight tickets to Goa, however there are flights to Goa all year round on scheduled airlines mostly with a change on route

Goa was conquered by the Portuguese in the early 16th century and returned to Indian rule in 1961. What stayed of the Portuguese rule was a distinctly Portuguese flair to Goa's towns and names. Also, the Indian cuisine of this region was strongly influenced by Portuguese customs. Vindaloo, for instance, essentially is a fusion between Indian and Portuguese cooking traditions.

If you want to visit Goa's beaches and don't know which one to choose, it may help you to know that the most frequented beaches are up north. Hence, they are most developed and tourist populated. Two of the best-known ones are Calangute and Baga. However, due to tourism, they lack the Indian flair of the other beaches. If you seek more authentic and calm beaches, you are better off with Palolem or Patnem in the south. Of course, the original hippy hangout, Anjuna beach, should be on your bucket list in both of the cases! Even though this beach has lost much of its charm, it still is unconventional, and the flea market on Wednesdays is worth a visit. Also, it is possible to dive at most beaches or to book nearby yoga courses.

Those who want to visit some of Goa's historical towns should check out Old Goa. This former capital of Portuguese India was abandoned in the 18th century, but the ruins are fascinating! Old Goa is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nowadays, the ruins of the city are in the midst of a jungle, which make the experience even more unforgettable.

The actual capital of Goa, Panaji, is worth another visit. Like most of the other Goan towns, it has a Lusitanian feel.

Due to Goa being a major tourist destination, the public transport network is well-developed. It is fairly easy to get anywhere by bus. Within locations, rickshaws are most flexible and readily available.

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